A new family of line-range laser probes that are ideal for complex-profile contour scanning. This system features digital (ASCII) coordinate output, A visible beam, A Class II rating for safe and easyto-see operations and a long standoff. The CMOS cameras featuring simultaneous scanning are standard to assist with steep sidewall and recessed geometry capture.

About the Product

This is a 3D optical measurement system Portable, mobile and easy to use measurement system.

This product can be used in following lines

  • Real-time 3D scanning
  • 3D pipe inspection
  • Freeform Tube 3D - Scanning
  • 3D inspection & CAD comparison
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Easy calibration

Ergonomic robust classic design, uses extended CMM workstation.


Ergonomic robust classic design, uses extended CMM workstation.

High-speed Ethernet interface to the host PC.

PRECI SDK (x32 & x64 bit) for software developers and system integrators.

Functions: Calibration, indexing, CNC and joystick scan mode.

Integrated intuitive CNC path planning software.

PRECI MultiWire: Plug & Play - Hardware.

Touchpad function key integration for handy usage.

The ability to scan Tube to Black and dull to shiny surfaces.

The ability to scan Tube and CAD Comparision in 3DTubeSoft.


Line width 25mm 50mm 100mm
Point resolution 19µm 39µm 78µm
Measuring distance 66mm 95mm 240mm
Measurement field 26mm 60mm 265mm
Laser class 2M - standard 20mW | 3R - Optional 66mW
CNC Controller Renishaw - PH10M & Pantec - Eagle Head
Scanner Interface Ethernet & PRECI Multiwire & PICS
Operating mode JoyStick | CNC
Software Polyworks , Multisoft, 3D Reshaper, Geomagic
PC Interface Win 7 to Win 10 (32 bit and 64 bit) and graphic card
Operating temperature 10°c to 35°c
Storage temperature -2 0 ° c to 7 0 ° c
Transport case 445mm × 345mm × 125mm

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